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Here's a selection of other music and lyrics from various shows, submissions and works.


a modern musical retelling of Dostoevsky's "Crime&Punishment"

1. DownInHellsKitchen (DevilTown)  Vocals by Lisa McQuade

1. DownInHellsKitchen (Demo)  **Vocals by Lisa McQuade**

2. TrinketMan (ArsNova/LaVie Showcase recorded live) **vocals by Eric Summers**

3. OnMyMind (Demo) **Vocals by Polly Segal**

4. BelieveInLove (ArsNova/LaVie Showcase recorded live) **vocals by Tanesha Ross**

Casa Susanna 

based on a true story
1. Casa Susanna 
2. Magic Hour
3. Lady Like 
4. Heaven To Me
5. Tanglin' With A Texan
6. Heels In Motion
7. Hello Hollywood 

ARCHIE the musical (submission)

1. Monday Senior Year

2. Fair Riverdale

3. Square Riverdale

4. Best Frienemies

5. Our Song

The Addams Family (Submission)

1. It's Just the Kind of Day

The Duece is on the Loose (featured on T.V.'s "She's Living For This")

1. The Duece is on the Loose **vocals by Joey Arias and Sherry Vine"




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